HarvestOrder works with our network of partners to orchestrate supply chain logistics.
HarvestOrder connects with you thousands of buyers interested in purchasing fresh, local food and beverages.
Your Storefront on HarvestOrder
A few of the farmers & food producers on HarvestOrder connecting with buyers throughout the Northeast.
how it works
On demand availability
Real time Inventory
An online way to connect with buyers 24-7, 365 days a year.
Distribution logistics
Distribution & Logistics
We work with our farmers, food producers and distribution partners to get your product to customers. Fast and Fresh.
Get in front on buyers
Buyers on Demand
We actively engage buyers and promote the products you list on HarvestOrder.
Online payments
Only Easy Payments
Quick easy online payments allow you to get back to what you live - producing and preparing food.
Permission based access
permission based access
You decide who has access to your availability lists.
Private availability
Private Availability Lists
Decide which buyers get to see which products.
Pricing tiers
pricing tiers
Incorporate easy to set pricing tiers by volume and/or type of buyer.
In site messaging
in site messaging
Connect directly with buyers through our dashboard and your email.
Invoice and payments
Invoice and Payments
Receive payments through credit card, bank transfer and paypal.
Share updates
share updates
Buyers who follow you can see real time price changes newly-added products.

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